Westco Motors is proud to offer a great range of products specially designed to protect your new purchase from the harsh elements of Tropical North Queensland.  And why not consider fitting your new or used vehicle with personalised plates!

As you know, Far North Queensland can be a harsh environment for our vehicles.  Not only do we need to protect against fading, severe heat and bat problems, but we also need protection against rust. 

Feel free to call me or come into the dealership and I will personally guide you through our products and help you make an informed decision.  You will receive written warranties once completed and also peace of mind that your vehicle has received high quality products to help retain its’ value in the future. As a special introductory offer simply print off your complimentary $50 gift voucher and contact me today.

Paint Protection

Enduroshield paint protection is total paint protection program designed to protect the new vehicle’s paintwork against fading, oxidisation, corrosion, staining, pitting, petrol, oil, and detergents.

Fabric & Carpet Protection

By using fabric protection your upholstery will retain its luxurious showroom look and feel, and will eliminate absorption of oil and water-based stains.

Vinyl & Leather Protection

Our vinyl and leather protection coats and protects your vehicle’s interior/exterior vinyl and leather surfaces. It is a specialised emulsion containing silicates and plasticizers which rejuvenate and give treated surfaces added protection from shrinkage, cracking, splitting and discolouration caused by ultraviolet light.

Window Tint

Our world class window tinting rejects up to 99% of ultraviolet radiation and protects against UV damage, fading, cracking, heat and glare.

Electronic Rustproofing

An electronic corrosion control system is a fully computerised device designed to prevent corrosion in vehicles, and is an ideal investment for vehicles in Far North Queensland.

Personalised Plates

Personalised number plates are a great way to make your vehicle stand out. There are a wide range of different styles and colours to choose from and we organise everything for you so you drive away with your new plates fitted.