Nissan Patrol Wins 2023 CarExpert Best Off-Road 4WD SUV Award

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 Nissan Patrol Wins 2023 CarExpert Best Off-Road 4WD SUV Award

Melbourne, Australia - In a fiercely competitive field of seven-seat SUVs, the Nissan Patrol has emerged victorious, earning the prestigious title of 2023 CarExpert Best Off-Road 4WD SUV. Following extensive testing conducted by CarExpert, the Patrol stood out for its exceptional power, capability, refinement, and comfort. This recognition further solidifies the Patrol's iconic status as one of Nissan's most renowned vehicles.

Impressive Testing Process:

CarExpert's comprehensive off-road testing spanned five days and encompassed two proving grounds. A total of 12 seven-seat SUVs were rigorously evaluated across various surfaces and conditions by the publication's expert panel. The Patrol's outstanding performance in these trials garnered high praise from the judges.

Unmatched Off-Road Prowess:

The Nissan Patrol excelled not only in its technical off-road capabilities but also in its remarkable ride refinement over uneven terrains. Behind the wheel, drivers experienced a sense of confidence and control, making the Patrol an ideal companion for any adventure.

Unprecedented Popularity and Future Offerings:

With year-to-date sales in 2023 surpassing all previous records, the V8-powered Nissan Patrol continues to captivate the market. Its unwavering popularity will soon be complemented by the introduction of the locally developed Patrol Warrior by Premcar, further expanding the options for Nissan customers seeking the perfect vehicle to meet their needs.

Nissan's Delight:

Nissan Australia Managing Director, Adam Paterson, expressed his delight and pride in receiving yet another prestigious accolade from Australia's motoring media. He emphasized that the Patrol's versatility makes it a fitting choice for various purposes, including towing, off-roading, exploring remote destinations, or simply enjoying local adventures.

The Nissan Patrol's triumph as the 2023 CarExpert Best Off-Road 4WD SUV highlights its unmatched qualities in terms of power, capability, refinement, and comfort. With record-breaking sales and the upcoming addition of the Patrol Warrior, Nissan customers now have an even wider range of options to select the vehicle that perfectly suits their preferences. Whether venturing into the vast expanse of the country or exploring their local surroundings, drivers can trust the Nissan Patrol to provide an exceptional driving experience.

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