RACQ Inspected Vehicles

Buy with Confidence - RACQ Preinspected Vehicles from Westco Used Cars

RACQ Pre-Inspected Used Cars at Westco Motors Cairns Westco Motors is proud to now offer RACQ Pre-inspected Vehicles and RACQ Vehicle Appraisal Reports on our Used Cars. For a copy of the report for a particular vehicle, please use the enquiry form on the vehicles detail page.

Buy with confidence with our RACQ Pre-Inspected Vehicles!

RACQ is the trusted name in vehicle inspections so we now offer RACQ Vehicle Appraisals on our used car range. Listed below are just some of the areas covered by our RACQ Vehicle Inspections;

  • Interior - Interior Trim including Seats, Restraints, Window and Door Mechanisms.
  • Under body Inspection Visual inspection only of panels, Frames, Steering and Suspension, Exhaust and Driveline Components.
  • Electrical System - Battery, Alternator and Charging System check, Light operation and condition, Horn, Heater Demister and A/C operation.
  • Road Wheels condition and Tyre tread depth and condition. Engine oil level and condition.
  • Road Test - A Road Test of at least 8km will be carried to test steering, suspension, brake operation, engine & driveline operation.

If you want to buy a used car in Cairns and want to buy with confidence and peace of mind, look no further than our RACQ Pre-Inspected Used Cars.


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